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I Need A Small Dummy Necklace In Blue (10)

I Need A Small Dummy Necklace In Blue (10)

This game lasts for the length of the shower. The object of this game is to gather as many dummy necklaces from the other guests. The winner is the one with the most necklaces at the end of the day. When your guests arrive, give each guest a dummy necklace to wear around their necks as a necklace. Throughout the course of the Baby Shower anyone who sees someone crossing their legs/feet/arms or you can use your own variation gets to take that persons necklace. At the end of the Shower the person with the most dummy necklaces wins the prize. Mini dummies and ribbon supplied. Please select colours you require and the number of necklaces. Approx. size of Dummy: 2cm (1") in length and 1cm wide 10 supplied